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Become a solar farmer!
Ranges Energy Co-operative Limited was formed in August 2011. It is a joint project between Sustainable Engineering and the Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association. This co-operative was formed in order to build Victoria’s first, community owned solar farm.

The solar farm is planned to be about 80 kW (350 panels). It will be sited on the roof of a large
commercial or civic building. The power will be sold directly to the business / organization
occupying the building.

One share in the co-operative costs $1.00 with a minimum purchase of 100 shares. Shareholders will be paid an annual dividend from the electricity produced minus costs. We expect that the initial investment will have been repayed by year 7 or year 8 of the 25 year project.

Our aim in this project is to demonstrate a successful solar farm model which can then be replicated throughout Australia. We believe in a more distributed energy system where more electricity is produced close to where it is used.

To become a member please read the disclosure statement, then complete a membership application form. Send that and a cheque for the number of shares you wish to purchase to:

PO Box 1002, Upwey, Victoria 3158.

Membership applications and Disclosure Statements can also be obtained by emailing:



Disclosure Statement:pcook@wildcoast.net.au

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Ranges Energy Formation Committee

Launch of Ranges Energy Co-Operative, Burrinja Gallery, Aug. 2011